Touched By A Mariner: Javier’s Story


Our campus is full of crew members from near and far who come to us for a safe place to receive emotional and spiritual support, connect on the internet with family that they may not have seen for months, safely wire money home and purchase personal items. Their stories touch us each and every day. Recently Pastor Steve relayed this story to us, which touched us deeply. This is why we are here, and this is why we do what we do.

Javier is a young man who came to Pastor Steve, despondent about being separated from his wife and young children for months at a time.

Pastor Steve first spoke privately with Javier, a cook on a cargo ship, giving him a “safe space” to voice his sadness. Together, they searched the web on computers and internet service that you help fund!) in the hopes of finding a photo, video or reminder of home. Plugging in the name of his village on the Island of Roatan in Honduras, Javier and Pastor Steve found a YouTube video of a service at Javier’s church!

Even more remarkable, in the front row of the congregation were his wife and children, singing! The young man was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. In tears, he watched the video over and over with Pastor Steve.

He was deeply touched that people he didn’t even know cared enough to provide a place like Seafarers’ House to assist and support him.

With your help, we make a difference in the lives of thousands of mariners every year. Every donation is important to us and very gratefully received. Please consider making a donation to help mariners like Javier.

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