The New Seafarers’ House in Port Everglades Welcomes the Maritime Community to Preview Its New Facility

The New Seafarers’ House in Port Everglades Welcomes the Maritime Community to Preview Its New Facility

With a new multi-million dollar center, Seafarers’ House expands its offerings to seafarers and the Port Everglades community

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Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades, which provides practical care and spiritual support for seafarers and port workers, welcomed donors and supporters to a preview event at its new facility last month. Seafarers’ House serves more than 150,000 seafarer visits per year and relies on the support of the maritime and local business community to provide practical, spiritual, health and wellness, recreational and support services to seafarers and port workers.

“Our new facility provides an expanded range of services to the Port Everglades community, offering a place to take care of practical needs as well as a critical link between ship and shore to support the health and wellness needs of seafarers and the port community. We are honored to continue our mission and help to build the port community in Fort Lauderdale through our service to all seafarers,” stated Jennifer Stewart, Executive Director, Seafarers’ House.

Fundraising for the multi-million dollar facility began in 2016, with leading maritime companies from the cruise, commercial, yacht and support sectors as well as philanthropic families stepping forward to ensure Port Everglades remains a premier world-class facility and regional economic engine.

Seafarers’ House Board of Directors

The new facility is the next step of the mission of the Seafarers’ House, allowing the organization to not only provide for the practical needs of seafarers and port workers, but also to support the business community through professional development and classroom space, on-port meeting facilities, an accessible cafe and restaurant and convenience store.

Serving over 150,000 seafarer’s from more than 80 countries, the Seafarer’s House provides a much needed space for seafarers to connect with their family and friends, access health and support resources, purchase familiar foods and to meet friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee or while enjoying a healthy meal.

“We serve as a community center for the port, a place where all are welcome, where practical services are available, and also as a place to reflect, recenter, and rejuvenate for those coming off long weeks at sea, ” commented Father Sandy Sears, Chaplain, Seafarers’ House.

The new Seafarer’s House in Port Everglades provides a convenience store with international goods, a fresh café with hot food and daily menu options, a multi faith place of worship, free wifi, a library, recreational and health facilities, and open community space. Together with access to physical and emotional health services, the new Seafarer’s House is set to become the heart of the marine community in Port Everglades, delivering vital resources to ensure Port Everglades remains a vital economic engine for South Florida.