Transformations occur all around us here at Seafarers' House.  Sometimes they come in the form of spiritual comfort, other times they come in the form of more practical support.  Last week one of our chaplains, Steve, helped a mariner achieve just such a transformation. 


Marcus, a mariner from Germany,  had just arrived back on ship for a new contract.  Leaving behind his wife and two sons, aged 6 months and 3 years, he was feeling sad and downcast.  Marcus had spent every last second with his family at home and ended up leaving without getting a haircut.  On shore a good haircut is easy to come by, but when you are moving quickly from port to port it is difficult to take care of these simple tasks.  Arriving to our port, Marcus came into Seafarers' House looking for a barber. Chaplain Steve found a local barber here in Fort Lauderdale and made an appointment.  He drove Marcus to the appointment and waited while Marcus' overgrown hair and beard were trimmed.  Such small pleasures in life Marcus told Steve, make all the difference in the world when you have to leave family for 9 months.  Returning to the ship, Marcus' captain gaped in awe at the transformation in Marcus from a simple hair cut.  Walking on board with confidence, he waved back at Chaplain Steve and set on his way.





Transformations do not have to be large to be significant.  One by one we all can make a difference.  How will you make a difference in the life of a mariner today?

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