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Visiting the Höegh Inchon

We are thrilled to have our intern, Megan, with us this summer.  Her work, underwritten by a grant from NAMMA, requires her to keep a journal of her experiences.   We'll be sharing some of these journal entries throughout the summer to give you a behind the scenes look at what you make possible at Seafarers' House.


Intern Journal - June 16th

Seafarers' House Chaplin Hal Hurley and I visited Höegh Inchon, which is an automobile ship. We met a 23-year old man whose name was Aaron. Aaron showed us around the ship and took us to the mess hall. Aaron talked to us for a bit about how he was previously injured and was off for about a year. Aaron then introduced us to the mess boy, whose name was Eric. Aaron told us that Eric was shy and didn’t talk much, but he was very kind and offered us lunch. A few crew members came in and out as we were there, most enjoying their food and time of relaxation.

When Chaplin Hal asked Aaron about the crew, he told us that there were three female seaman (or should I say seawomen) that were a part of their 22 member crew—and one was a cadet! She came into the mess hall while we were there and I sat down to talk to her.  She didn’t speak a whole lot of English, but we still managed to have a nice conversation while I kept her company during her lunchtime. She told me her name, but I could barely pronounce it, let alone spell it. I was a beautiful name, which I believe was Meicko, but I could very well be wrong. Regardless, she had such an amazing smile; it was contagious. Most of the time spent with her consisted of us just smiling at each other.

Once lunchtime started winding down, Aaron led Chaplin Hal and I back out to the stern, where we waited for our Seafarers’ House driver to come pick us up. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.



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