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Visiting the Bea Shulte

Note: Our summer intern. Megan, is sharing some of her ship visiting experiences with us on our blog.  In case you missed her earlier visits, click here here and here to read about them! 


Intern Journal- August 2017

Father Peter Lin and I visited a container ship called “Bea Schulte”. The crew was made up of many different nationalities, including Bangladeshi, Filipino, Ukrainian, Russian, and Indonesian. This vessel was one of the larger container ships, and had a crew of 20 individuals.

The man we spoke to in the crew mess hall was named Paul. Paul is from the Philippines and had been on board for about four months already. He said he missed his family from home, and was excited to get back to see him during his vacation.

Another man came in while we were talking to Paul, and Paul mentioned that he was leaving today to go home, back to the Philippines. He had a flight later that night out of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. He was very smiley and excited to get back home. Paul said that it was “the best day of this life”. We chit-chatted about the different kinds of ships and how hard they work and we thanked them for that. Paul mentioned that it was nice to talk to us instead of the same people all the time on the ship, and that sometimes it could feel like a jail, especially if one didn’t have a Visa.



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