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How You Make a Difference: A Seafarer’s Story

Seafarers’ House, like any other nonprofit organization, relies on the generous contributions of our supporters. Month after month and year after year, donors are there for our hardworking seafarers with donations and support that allow us to continue to provide seafarers’ with pastoral care, religious resources, methods to contact home, hot catered meals, entertainment and more. Every donation means so much to us as each has the power to contribute to various aspects of Seafarers’ House from ship transportation costs to keeping our Port Everglades Casa running. 


There are many shipping companies worldwide today flying flags of convenience and paying seafarers salaries that may be considerably low based on the number of hours worked, the difficulty of the jobs, safety hazards and risks and the amount of time away from home these positions require. Many of these seafarers come from developing countries and countries with high unemployment rates. All of us are affected by their incredible contributions to the global sea trade and supporters make a huge difference by helping us improve the lives of these hardworking men and women.  We’d like to share with you one story of how our donors made a difference this year. 


A Seafarer’s Story 


In mid-November, we were contacted late at night by a Filipino mariner via Facebook asking us to help connect him with extended family that was driving down from Orlando to see him while he was in town.  His family was expected to arrive at our Casa well before he could get off the ship and before our Casa even opened. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we had staff available, even late at night, to help him via Facebook.  We could only coordinate with him on Facebook as he lacked U.S. cell service.  Our team mobilized overnight to make this visit possible.  Our staff arrived at the Casa early to welcome his family while Father Ron picked him up at his ship at 7:45 am when he passed customs and immigration and brought him over to the Casa. The family embraced on the steps of our Casa for the first time in years.  They spent the entire day together, getting to know one another again and enjoying each other’s company.  Our facility was the connection point and we were honored to have played a role in bringing this family together, even for a short time.  


This is why our work matters – because seafarers’ and their families rely on us to be there 24/7 to provide the support and assistance they need.  In some cases, like this one, it is logistical support and a welcoming place to meet, in other cases it is a kind ear to listen, emergency assistance to get home, or a place to take care of practical needs.  Whatever the case may be, we are here to help them because of you.


You make a difference in the lives of nearly 150,000 mariners each year.  Our seafarers are so grateful to have a safe, comfortable and relaxing place to unwind when they are in port or on shore leave at Port Everglades. They have a warm environment with important essentials on hand as well as the company of supportive and friendly staff, volunteers and chaplains because of your support.


Thank YOU for making our work possible and for telling each of the nearly 150,000 mariners who come through our doors each year that they matter to us.


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