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Honoring our Merchant Marine - National Maritime Day

May 22, 2017


Each year on May 22nd we celebrate National Maritime Day to honor the contributions of our merchant mariners.  Merchant mariners work during both war time and at peace time, transporting troops, goods, and materials to support the import/export economy of the United States.  They play a significant role in keeping our economy running!

Merchant mariners experience many of the same hardships as other mariners – long periods of time away from home and loved ones, sacrificing shore based career opportunities for a challenging career on the sea. We honor their work and their sacrifice.

National Maritime Day has been observed since 1933.  The date corresponds with the first time a vessel under steam propulsion successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean.  An annual public celebration in Washington, DC attracts a sizeable crowd with different events and activities.  Several ports around the country honor the Merchant Mariners with vessel tours, historical lessons, speeches, open houses, and luncheons.  Many will also hold memorial services on this day to remember and honor the merchant marines who are no longer with us.

If you aren’t able to attend a Maritime Day celebration, you can celebrate at home by displaying an American Flag in your home or wearing a flag pin.  Many also use symbols like a ship steering wheel or an anchor with a rope around the middle to display their support for the Merchant Marine and mariners.

 We want to take the time to thank all of today’s active and retired merchant mariners and to honor the lives of merchant mariners lost. Our industry, our country, and even our daily lives would be different if we had to be without the important services the Merchant Marine provides. The work of merchant mariners is one of the strongest pillars of our economy, safety and security. We honor and salute your brave efforts today and every day.

2017 Golden Compass A Night To Remember

May 18, 2017


What an incredible night!  The 2017 Golden Compass Gala honoring Jan Swartz, Group President Princess Cruises & Carnival Australia, was held May 13, 2017 with more than 300 guests in attendance.  From glitz and gowns to a fantastic drum performance and an exciting give from the heart campaign, it was a night to remember.  

A small sample of photographs from the night appear on this page.  The full gallery for viewing or to order prints is available here.  Use password: seafarersdl.








May 17, 2017

May Casa Tour

Join us for our monthly Casa tour!   Wednesday, May 17th at 4pm.   Did you know that 90% percent of everything...

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