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About Us

“To Offer Refuge, Resources, Renewal and Respect to the Maritime Community Through Multi-Faith Service.”
-    Mission of Seafarers’ House


Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades is open throughout the year as a safe, friendly place where mariners can connect with their communities and families, relax, seek guidance and get emergency help if needed. We provide access to pastoral care and counseling, emergency assistance, local ground transportation and everyday items through our pastoral team and our on shore and on board services.  Every mariner that arrives in Port Everglades is welcome at our center.  Those who may not be able leave their ships due to time constraints or visa restrictions have access to our services from their vessels through our ship-visiting program.




While fulfilling our mission through service, we perpetuate a set of values that include:

  • The conviction that no single religious faith exercises a monopoly on God;
  • Actively witnessing a spirit of religious hospitality that welcomes the stranger in our midst;
  • Respecting the values, faiths, and cultural norms of seafarers and their families;
  • Publicizing the contribution that seafarers make to our lives and economy;
  • Affirming that authentic ministry must be mutually rewarding among all its parties;
  • Developing the people whose lives we seek to improve without encouraging their dependency on our services;
  • Treating co-workers, clients and vendors/suppliers fairly; with honesty and respect for differing points of view; and
  • Serving human needs via ecumenical cooperation has value for those who are served, the servers themselves, and society as a whole. This is true in ways that are qualitatively different than when such services are delivered by a religiously homogeneous group.


February 13, 2018

2018 Golden Compass Award Dinner and Gala

Celebrate with us at the 2018 International Golden Compass Award Gala presented by as we honor Michael...

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